Customer Support

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    Let us protect your business

    Every online business connected with finances involves some risk. That’s why we offer you protection against financial crime - KYC and AML procedures. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, which is a regulation allowing you to identify your customers to protect your business. The AML regulation (Anti-Money Laundering) protects your financial system from being used by your clients for illegal activities.
    In Blockchain Gaming Solutions, we will help you protect your business!

    Taking care of your customers

    A specially trained team is available for you and your customers during working hours! We offer not only assistance in case of any problems or questions, but also implementation of the Live Chat feature to make contact with the Support Team even more comfortable for players in your online casino.
    Our Support can also take care of your social media profiles to answer direct messages coming to your inbox.
    Thanks to that, you will save a lot of time which you can use for the development of your business.
    In Blockchain Gaming Solutions, we are here for you!


    Constant development

    Our Customer Support is fully committed to helping you solve your customers' problems, but not only. We gather all the submitted issues to find better and more intuitive solutions for your online casino. If players in your casino repeatedly report some problems, we will refer the matter to our technical team, who will work on solving this problem in the best possible way for your customers.
    In Blockchain Gaming Solutions, we take care of the constant development to improve your online casino and make your business growing.

    Multilingual support

    To reach your players, our Customer Support team speaks three languages: English, Polish, and Korean. This way, your customers will have no problem with being misunderstood and the whole process will be shorter because the problems will be assigned to the appropriate Support team member. We are open to new challenges so we plan on adding new languages!

    Creating support materials

    We will provide you with all the materials that are needed for you and your new online business. No matter if you need a professional-looking newsletter sent to your players, a specially prepared FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, or instructions explaining how to take part in lotteries, how to bet in sportsbook or how to use your services in general.

    Help in crisis situations

    Whenever you find problems that require an immediate response, we are here for you. In addition to solving permanent problems, our highly qualified team will help you in PR, legal or technical crisis situations. With us, you don’t have to worry about your gambling online business.
    Remember, in Blockchain Gaming Solutions you are in safe hands!


    Let us help you!