Integration with every device

    Lotteries are the entertainment known for centuries, beloved by many who dream about quick fortune and changing their future. With the development of technology, lotteries have gone from group events through TV lotteries to being now available on the Internet. Their constant online accessibility enables users to take part in them wherever they are and whenever they want. With that possibility, it is essential to include the lottery engine in your online casino platform. It attracts more customers, giving you bigger website traffic. In BGS, we offer you a lottery engine prepared for every device - computer, mobile, or tablet.


    The properly working casino platform is essential, along with a vast range of interesting and entertaining online gambling games. But what attracts customers when they enter a casino website? After conducting a long research and analysis of customers’ behavior, we discovered that players are attracted, during the first contact with the platform, to the design of the website. That’s why in BGS, we put a lot of effort to make your online casino graphically spectacular, adjusting its overall design by offering you the possibility to customize it to your needs.

    Numerous adevantages for players

      Attracting players

      Entertaining gambling games, interesting design and affiliate program - with these features your online casino platform will attract many players.

      High winning odds & jackpots

      Our system and provided games are created on the basis of total randomisation, but we offer many bonuses to encourage customers to play and help them win more.

      Lotteries from all over the world

      To make your online casino platform attractive for players, we provide you with lotteries from all over the world. Everyone will find something interesting!

      All lotteries in one place

      Customers visiting your online casino platform won’t have to look for other lotteries anywhere else. We will provide you with a big range of various lotteries.

      Quick purchases

      Nothing can discourage customers from making payments like long waiting time. We won’t let it happen by providing you with a quick purchase system.

      Easy registration

      Enable your customers to register quickly and easily on your online casino platform. Just three easy steps to get your players started quickly.

    Data statistics

    Setting up lottery and casino engine, implementing new features along with entertaining games and enabling fast payment methods is just the beginning to make your online casino successful. What is important in the later stage to analyze the behavior and actions of the players on your website. Thanks to that, you will know which sections need improvement, or which is the most interesting thing for your audience. Along with the casino and lottery system, in BGS, we offer you access to all data gathered while running your platform.

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